How to ensure your messaging meets your clients with where they’re at RIGHT NOW.

The Challenge

As a —Multi Faceted / Ideas / Ability— Type
You have A LOT of ways in which you can help your clients.
And when you describe all of it (in great detail) on your website and marketing platforms…
you’re telling your WHOLE STORY ARC, in one fell swoop.
The Reality
Your WHOLE STORY ARC is too much information
creating confusion
and possibly a click away

The Flip!
Rather than conveying the entire story upfront,

you find a very precise, easy to describe, SECTION of the whole story arc

(the micro story) that meets your clients where they’re at NOW,
and LEAD with that on your website and marketing platforms.

The Result
Clarity for your potential clients that you ARE the one to help them with what their current need is.

Your Creatrix

Hélène Scott
Hélène Scott

Brand Strategist & Business Alignment Mentor

25+ years in the Branding Space
(as print and web designer, creative director, strategist and coach)
11+ years in Business Strategy/Alignment Space

Intuitive. Optimist. Creative. Mom.
A lover of Poofy Clouds, Big Trees,
Stinky Cheese (and Chocolate)

With absolute DELIGHT, I get to work with:
Intuitive Biz Builders. The Dreamers, Healers and Creatives
who see things differently & feel things deeply.

The Magical Misfits
who ZIG when others ZAG
in life & business, LIKE YOU!

So incredibly honored & thrilled you're here!


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