Create a Brand Aligned (biz) Model (that excites + delights) from OPT-IN to PAID OFFERINGS

As a service based entrepreneur building a personal brand business

It's not just about the numbers


It's about you, your people
and the hot damn, spine-tingling connection that happens when LIKE meets LIKE


When you BOP [Brand On Purpose]
you attract your like people

When you create a brand aligned path from opt-in to paid offerings
you craft an experience that resonates


So when the time is right

they will be a resounding YES! to your paid offerings


And how do you do that?

By crafting a business model that's in complete, rays shining down alignment with YOU.

In CRAFT your BAM!

I’ll walk you through how to create a brand aligned biz model

(the experience and path, from opt-in to paid offerings)

that will captivate, connect and convert,

your perfect fit people.

Get started now!

The Materials

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  MOD 3 :: Creating an ALIGNED path to your offerings
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  MOD 5 :: Bringing it all together
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Hélène Scott

Intuitive. Optimist. Daydreamer. Mom

Also... a Biz + Brand Alignment Coach for soulful women who feel things deeply
(and see things a little differently).

The Dreamers. The Healers. The Creatives.