BrandTrueNorth :: Immersion

A Hybrid Immersion Experience with DIY materials, full Voxer support, a deep dive coaching session plus follow up.

BrandTrueNorth is reflective and creative in nature. Its soul purpose is to help you discover and define the TrueNorth of your business while staying in complete alignment and honoring the true self of YOU. When combined, you have the foundational pieces to a highly magnetic brand.

The content is split into 5 main sections (Creator/You, Creation/YourBiz, Customer, Narrative/Positioning, CustomerExperience), and is housed within a course platform as a combination of video and audio, along with the BrandTrueNorth Workbook.

While you're going through the content you'll have full Voxer access to ask me any questions, then at about the 3-4 week mark (once you've completed the workbook) we'll have our 2hr deep dive session. To wrap it all up we'll schedule a 45min follow up session about 3 weeks after that.


The Quick of it...

  • After signing up you'll get access to the platform that houses the workbook, videos and audios
  • We'll have a quick exchange on *Voxer to work through any immediate questions
  • You'll then have full Voxer access as you make your way through the workbook to ensure your momentum, inquiry, creativity and focus are on point and in full alignment.
  • When you've completed the workbook (usually 3-4 wks), we'll have our 2 hour deep dive session.
  • 3wks after that session, we'll schedule a 45min follow up 45min session to check-in, answer Q's, etc.

*Voxer is a free voice messaging app, allowing you to reach out at any point (pre-DeepDive session) to ask questions, hash through ideas, etc. to keep your momentum going!

Your Creatrix

Hélène Scott
Hélène Scott

Brand Strategist & Business Alignment Mentor

25+ years in the Branding Space
(as print and web designer, creative director, strategist and coach)
11+ years in Business Strategy/Alignment Space

Intuitive. Optimist. Creative. Mom.

Also… a lover of Poofy Clouds, Big Trees,
Stinky Cheese (and Chocolate)

So incredibly honored & thrilled you're here!